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Dov Seltzer

Dov Seltzer – Father of the original Israeli musical

By: Prof. Moshe Zorman

There are moments in art history, in which the encounter between extraordinary individuals and the correct cultural climate produces rare achievements that could not have been conceivable at other points of time. Such is the encounter between the producer Giora Godik, musician Dov Seltzer and the State of Israel in the 1960's – optimistic, energetic and visionary.more »

Ootz Li Gootz Li
Text: Avraham Shlonsky Ootz Li Gootz Li was written in 1965, after text by Avraham Shlonsky. The story is based on Rumpelstilskin by the Grimm brothers. The production ... more »
The Megileh
Text: Itzik Manger Hebrew Annotations: Haim Hefer 1966 – Bimot Theater (director: Shmuel Bunim) 1968 – Golden Theater, Broadway, New York (English ... more »
Text: Yigal Mossinzon and Yoel Silberg Song texts: Haim Hefer, Amos Etinger and Dan Almagor 1967 – Giora Godik Theater (director: Yoel Silberg) 2012 – New ... more »
Text: N.V. Gogol Hebrew translation: Nissim Aloni Song texts: Haim Hefer 1967 – The Onot Theater (director: Nissim Aloni) Gogol's classic play, Revisor, was ... more »
I like Mike
Text and direction: Yoel Silberg, based on a play by Aharon Meged Song texts: Haim Hefer 1968 – Giora Godik Theater (director: Yoel Silberg) I Like Mike was ... more »
Humash Lider
Text: Itzik Manger Hebrew translation and annotations: Haim Hefer 1969 – The Folk Theater, A. Deshe (Pashanel) (Director: Shmuel Bunim) Partly musical, partly ... more »
Three Hotzmach
Text: Itzik Manger Hebrew translation: Y. Shabtai 1978 – Cameri Theater (director: Shmuel Bunim) 2002 – Yoram Levinstein Acting School (director: Albert ... more »
Shouk Hametziot
Lyrics: Nathan Alterman 1971 – Cameri Theater Concept, director and choreographer: Shmuel Bunim Shuk Hametzi'ot was a show based on songs by Nathan Alterman, ... more »

1971 Ani Yerushalmi – with Yehoram Gaon. Director: Yehoram Gaon 1973 Kazablan – with Yehoram Gaon. Producer: Menachem Golan 1974 The Megillah – ... more »
Music for Theater
1965 The Broken Jug Kleist Ohel Theater 1966 Don Juan Moliere Cameri Theater 1971 The Twelfth Night Shakespeare Children & Youth Theater 1972 Stempeniu Shalom ... more »
Musicals for children
Tomi Tom Aurand Harris (trans. Y. Shabtai) Children & Youth Theater Galitso Yatsa Letayel Efraim Sidon Children & Youth Theater Ma'ale Karachot Efraim ... more »
Yeush Yoshev Al Safsal
Text: Jacques Prevért Hebrew translation: Ada Ben Nachum 1972 – Directed by Philippe Spern-Wagner A show dedicated to the songs of French poet Jacques ... more »
Come la Neige en Été
Text: Jacques Lanzmann 1974 – Theatre des Variétés, Paris An episodic musical that deals with problems of the minorities. The concept was initiated ... more »
To Live Another Summer
Text: Haim Hefer Concept, direction and choreography: Yehonatan Carmon 1971 – Helen Hayes Theater, Broadway, New York In 1971, Haim Hefer and Yehonatan Carmon ... more »
Hachayat Hamechushaf (The Bewitched Tailor)
Text: Shalom Aleichem Arrangement, direction and play design: Moti Averbuch 2001 – Yiddishpiel Theater Shalom Aleichem's classic story about the poor tailor, ... more »