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Dov Seltzer


Text: Yigal Mossinzon and Yoel Silberg
Song texts: Haim Hefer, Amos Etinger and Dan Almagor

1967 – Giora Godik Theater (director: Yoel Silberg)
2012 – New Production (director: Tzedi Tzarfati)

At the end of the 1960's, following the great success of his first musicals (My Fair Lady, The King and I, Fiddler on the Roof and others – all in a Hebrew version), the producer Giora Godik decided to set himself a new challenge and create an original Israeli musical on the scale of American productions.
After much search and thought, he decided to adapt Yigal Mossinzon's play, Kazablan, into a musical.
Kazablan's musical style was unique, with its Middle Eastern flavor of a new Israel and the story of its protagonist played by Yehoram Gaon. Kazablan became the most successful Hebrew musical of all times.
The musical was later turned into a film, produced by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus and directed by Golan. The film was also a hit, with over one million viewers. Several of Kazablan's songs have become staples of Israeli repertoire, expressing the sentiments of Israelis and sung by all.

Kol Hakavod (Lyrics: Dan Almagor)
Kulanu Yehudim (Lyrics: Haim Hefer)
Sandeley Hapeleh (Lyrics: Amos Etinger)
Demokratia (Lyrics: Amos Etinger)
Ma Kara? (Lyrics: Haim Hefer)
Yesh Makom (Lyrics: Amos Etinger)
Yafo (Lyrics: Amos Etinger)
Rechilut (Lyrics: Amos Etinger)
Ani Kol Kach Pochedet (Lyrics: Haim Hefer)
Iriya (Lyrics: Haim Hefer)
Tered Mimeni Kazablan (Lyrics: Dan Almagor)
Shir Eres (Lyrics: Amos Etinger)
Mizmorey Brit Mila (Lyrics: Haim Hefer)

Song List

  Kol Hakavod  / lyrics: Dan Almagor  / Performed by: Yehoram Gaon 
  Kulanu Yehudim  / lyrics: Haim Hefer 
  Yesh Makom  / lyrics: Amos Ettinger  / Performed by: Yehoram Gaon 
  Red Mimeni Kazablan  / lyrics: Dan Almagor  / Performed by: Yehoram Gaon