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Dov Seltzer

Dov Seltzer's Symphonic Music
By Maestro Harvey Bordowitz

Dov Seltzer's stature as one of the greatest Israeli songwriters casts a shadow on his simultaneous accomplishments, over decades, as a composer of symphonic music that makes a personal statement – often amusing and witty, at times exuberant and at others dramatic and powerful – since writing popular songs and composing symphonic music are two skills that are as remote from each other as east and west.
And here lies the secret of symphonic music as opposed to the popular song: the harmonies in a song tend towards simplicity; the melody is catchy and the simple structure of verse and refrain or ballad, for instance, defines ... more »

Lament for Yitzhak
Editor of Texts: Dr. Shalom Ratzabi The work is written for symphony orchestra, mixed choir, children's choir, 4 soloists (soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and folk ... more »
The Poetry and Prophecy of the Old Testament
A compilation from the Old Testament, in which chapters from Genesis, Song of Songs, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Psalms are narrated on the background of orchestral ... more »
The Yiddish folk songs of Eastern Europe are one of the most important Jewish musical traditions. Among the most important Jewish musical traditions we can find the ... more »
Evening of Life
A song cycle with texts by the Yiddish poet Avraham Sutzkever, for soprano and symphony orchestra. The work was premiered in 2007 by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, ... more »
The dramatic legend "Stempeniu" is based on a novel by Shalom Aleichem and tells of Stempeniu, the legendary Klezmer violinist (a kind of Jewish equivalent of ... more »
This Scroll
(Ode to the Declaration of Independence) "This Scroll" is inspired by the spirit of the Israeli folklore. The work is written as a Rondo of sorts. The ... more »
Rhapsodie Hassidique
This work was commissioned by Lord Yehudi Menuhin and dedicated to him by the composer. Intended to be free in terms of structure, the work is actually meticulously ... more »
The Gold of the Ashes
A Rhapsodic Poem for Symphony Orchestra, Mezzo-Soprano and Children's Choir The work was commissioned by the Committee for the Commemoration of the Expulsion of the ... more »
Israel Experience
"The Israel Experience", a multimedia show in Jaffa. Throughout its 60 minutes it attempted to transfer the viewer through the history, essence, landscapes, ... more »
A 4-act opera, based on Victor Hugo's novel, "Notre-Dame de Paris" ("The Hunchback of Notre-Dame"). The libretto was written by the renowned French ... more »