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Dov Seltzer

Rhapsodie Hassidique


 This work was commissioned by Lord Yehudi Menuhin and dedicated to him by the composer.
Intended to be free in terms of structure, the work is actually meticulously built in its thematic development and general form, which is a concerto for violin and orchestra.
The work depicts and conveys the wealth of the Hassidic movement, the power of the Niggun, the devotion of man to the Divine Spirit, the endless sorrow and infinite joy. Naturally, the work is entirely based on Hassidic melodies.
The role of the solo violin is virtuoso, albeit not virtuosity per se. The demanding technique (flageolets, arpeggios, high register, cadenzas) always serves the spiritual content, at times introvert and pensive, and at others elated and merry.
The names of the movements – Ascension, Retrospection and Jubilation and Joy – portray the atmosphere created in each one.
"Hassidic Rhapsodies" was premiered at White Hall in London, in June 1990, with violinist Yehudi Menuhin, conducted by Dov Seltzer.
Publisher: Ricordi, Milan

Hugues Reiner, conductor
Mickael Guttman, solo violin
Orchestre Philharmonique de L'Europe
Live Recording
Salles des festivities
Hotel de Ville, Paris