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Dov Seltzer

Shouk Hametziot

Lyrics: Nathan Alterman

1971 – Cameri Theater
Concept, director and choreographer: Shmuel Bunim

Shuk Hametzi'ot was a show based on songs by Nathan Alterman, created especially for the actors Yona Atari and Illi Gorlitzky.
The director and initiator of the concept, Shmuel Bunim, chose the list of songs as well as the composers: Moshe Wilensky, Sasha Argov and Dov Seltzer.
Dov Seltzer wrote four of the songs for this show.

Songs (composed by Dov Seltzer):
Bubot bachalon hara'ava
Balada Skottit

Song List

  Song of Man 
  Come angel, come 
  Better days * 
  Lechayey Ha'am Haze* 
  To live another summer, to pass another winter 
  Don't destroy the world* 
  Ten Shabbat veten shalom la'ir Yerushalayim* 
  *Songs written prior to the musical and used in it.