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Dov Seltzer

I like Mike

Text and direction: Yoel Silberg, based on a play by Aharon Meged
Song texts: Haim Hefer

1968 – Giora Godik Theater (director: Yoel Silberg)

I Like Mike was produced by Giora Godik at the same time as the meteoric success of Kazablan, just after the Six Day War.
The musical contained all the new elements that the war presented: drafting of army reserves, drafting the youth for postal services, the occupied territories and the Suk in Ramallah, etc., intertwined in the life of a bourgeois Israeli family that wishes to marry their eldest daughter to a rich American tourist. All these, in addition to the youth of Dizengoff and the discos, give a colorful rendition of Tel-Aviv life at the end of the sixties.
Unlike the Mediterranean style of Kazablan, I Like Mike is characterized by modern and youthful rhythms, but also by a distinctly Israeli style.

Song List

  I Like Mike 
  Ma Tsarikh Ben Adam 
  We Love English 
  Lekhaye Ha'am Ha'ze