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Dov Seltzer


Text: N.V. Gogol
Hebrew translation: Nissim Aloni
Song texts: Haim Hefer

1967 – The Onot Theater (director: Nissim Aloni)

Gogol's classic play, Revisor, was translated and adapted into a play by playwright Nissim Aloni, who also directed the production of the Onot Theater. Since the story occurs in Tsarist Russia, the music and songs have a folkloristic Russian vein, including use of several characteristic instruments.
Among the stars of the musical were Yossi Banai, Albert Hizkiyahu, Shmulik Segal and others.


Song List

  Ho Peterburg 
  Ho Imri Li Ima 
  Dobinchki and Bobinchki 
  Hine Ha'oni veha'osher