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Dov Seltzer

Ootz Li Gootz Li

Text: Avraham Shlonsky

Ootz Li Gootz Li was written in 1965, after text by Avraham Shlonsky. The story is based on Rumpelstilskin by the Grimm brothers. The production was the initiative of the Cameri Theater, who offered its best actors for the Musical; the director of the original production was Yossi Yizraeli.

Throughout the years the Musical has seen many renewed productions by the Cameri Theater as well as private producers. There are people who have seen Ootz Li Gootz Li as children, then as parents with their children, and finally as grandparents with their grandchildren.

The Musical is part of the Cameri Theater's standard repertoire.

1966 – The Cameri Theater (director: Yossi Yizraeli)

1985 – The A. Pashanel Folk Theater (director: Yossi Carmon)

1989 – The Cameri Theater, New Production (director: Yossi Carmon)

2001 – Menachem Golan Production (director: Shlomo Vishinsky)

2003 – The Cameri Theater, New Production (director: Roni Pinkovich)



Song List

  Boker Tov 
  Shir Sar Ha'armon 
  Shir Eres (Lullaby)