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Dov Seltzer

The Megileh

Text: Itzik Manger
Hebrew Annotations: Haim Hefer

1966 – Bimot Theater (director: Shmuel Bunim)
1968 – Golden Theater, Broadway, New York (English annotations: Joe Darion)
1983 – Yuval Theater (Hebrew translation: Haim Hefer)
2010 – Yiddishpiel Theater (New production, director: Yitzhak Shauli)

This musical is based on director Shmuel Bunim's play after a song cycle by poet Itzik Manger, "Megileh Lieder". The play tells about a group of tailors who decide to perform on the Stetl stage a Purimspiel – the story of the Scroll of Esther, with an additional "Mangerian" character, the tailor's apprentice Fastrigata, who is in love with Esther and claims that she was disloyal to him when she consented to marry the king.
The Burstein family (Mike, Pessachke and Lillian) were the stars of the first two productions and contributed to its meteoric success in Israel and around the world.

Song List

  Di Elegiye Fun Fastrigosso 
  In Droissen Iz a Regen 
  Flits Fegelech