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Dov Seltzer

Hachayat Hamechushaf (The Bewitched Tailor)

Text: Shalom Aleichem
Arrangement, direction and play design: Moti Averbuch

2001 – Yiddishpiel Theater

Shalom Aleichem's classic story about the poor tailor, Shimon-Eli "Shma Kolenu", whose wife sends to the town Kozodwievka to buy a goat that will give milk to the family, but it turns out that this task was not that easy… The play entails comical and satirical events from the colorful life of the Jewish Stetl, with its lively characters, ways to make a living and loves, as depicted through the illustrative and genius writing of Shalom Aleichem.

Dov Seltzer composed, arranged and was music director of the musical.